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gratus [lat.] : grateful, thankful

Gratus Art – that are artworks and designs for people who want to express their spirituality
or are just positive people.
And I, Tamme, believe in what I do.
That’s why I follow 3 simple principles with my artworks and designs:

Basically, my artwork will be 
free of charge
Thus I make them available
for free in various places.

If you would like to have
an artwork as a print
or artist edition, you
determine what my art is
worth for you

Here in this shop you indicate
the price yourself*.

It is the responsibility
of all of us
 to help
the Weaker.
At least half of the
profit will be transferred
to a charitable organization
– the more the better.

*However, there is always a minimum price, which corresponds to my production costs.

Here on Gratus you may find my pictures as a print or as an artists edition.

In addition, you will find here spiritually or freemasonically inspired designs (yes, I am a freemason ;-).

As you can see in the pictures, I – quite obviously – don’t belong to those artists who have consolidated a once found aesthetic formula into a personal style and hold on to it.

Rather, I like to make use of many available approaches for my pictures. 

My main subjects and recurring themes are nature, spirituality and the masonic world of symbols.

These main themes are an expression of my continuing work on myself as a human being and especially my work on a holistic view of the world, which will probably last a lifetime. 

Recent projects

Let me tell you by email about new promotions, artworks and blogs.

Whatever you care about, I am happy to hear from you.

Yours, Tamme

Gratus Art OUe
Järvevana tee 9- 40
Tallinn 11314, Estonia