gratus [lat.] : thankful

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welcome to Gratus Art, your virtual venue for art that touches and inspires. I’m tamme, visual artist, freemason and blogger. My mission with Gratus Art is simple: to express gratitude through art and share my creative vision with the world. Here you will find a colourful palette of digital artworks that warm the heart and illuminate the soul. Discover my shop, with lovingly designed products waiting to bring joy into your life and the lives of your loved ones. Dive into my blog, where I share my thoughts on topics related to spirituality, art and Freemasonry. Let’s connect and maybe walk a part of our path together. I look forward to hearing from you and bringing rays of light into the world together.

Love, Peace and Happiness,

Your tamme

“bring love to the world”

“Bring love into the world” is a simple but powerful idea: a little more love changes the world. Within each of us lies the ability to give and receive love, and that’s exactly what we want to celebrate with a collection of inspiring images and words. Each item in our webshop or the NFT Marketplace is designed to connect hearts and create a ripple of love that reaches far beyond our screens.

The inspiration for “bring love into the world” came a long time ago in a moment of stillness when we realised that love is the essence of our being. I dreamed of creating a place where love is not just a feeling, but a visible, tangible force that comes alive through creative expression. With a careful selection of images and words that touch the heart, the webshop and NFT Marketplace is meant to be a beacon of hope that reminds us how precious it is to share and receive love in all its colours.

explore the webshop or the nft marketplace ;

“unique, digital images – infinite love”

Love flows through the veins of every product in ‘bring love into the world’, captured in colours and shapes, ready to embrace the world. These pieces are more than matter; they are verses in the poem of life, teaching us to breathe love in every breath.

Inside the heart of our NFT marketplace ‘bring love into the world’ you will find artworks that are more than just images; they are ambassadors of love. With cryptocurrencies, we are making gentle waves towards a new financial harmony, healing our tired system.


A river flows through a landscape, sometimes slowly, sometimes swiftly, but always moving forward. In the same way, thoughts flow in “thoughts” – a journey through the gentle hills of spirituality, past the glowing fields of love, and into the deep forests of Freemasonry. Each drop of water carries a story, each thought a light.

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Every conversation is a step on a shared path, every message a helping hand on a journey. Let’s walk a part of the way together – let’s get in touch !

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