gratus /lat.) : grateful

Spirituality requires courage. Courage to accept it, to discover it, to evolve it, to live it.

But that courage will be worth it - because not only you will benefit, but all of all of us will. That's what I strongly believe and that' s what fuels my images and texts. Maybe the words and images on this page will inspire you to be more courageous, to develop and live your own spirituality.

Let's begin a journey
to make this world a little bit better -
at least in some small ways.

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In my latest blog post, discover how the timeless wisdom of Hermann Hesse can speak to and inspire us on a deep, personal level. I, tamme, a visual artist and Freemason, take you on a spiritual journey that brings light into the shadows of life. Together we explore how humor, love, acceptance and the beauty of life intertwine to enrich our personal spirituality. This article is not only a tribute to Hesse's profound insights, but also an invitation for you to immerse yourself in the world of self-reflection and begin your own spiritual journey. Be inspired by Hermann Hesse's words and find ways to implement them in your everyday life to live a more fulfilling, conscious life. Love, Peace and Happiness, tamme.
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