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gratus [lat.] : grateful, thankful

Nature and spirituality – two important components of my daily life.
Two major themes in all my images – nature and spirituality.

I am happy to share with you recent images and my style of art.
Art for me is comparable with love and a way of freedom and hope.
It is an expression of humankind and shows some truth about the beauty and fright of our existence.
And it is, to me, always an opportunity to learn something about myself.

You may order most of my images as prints, whereby three principles are very important to me:

  • We should support the weaker ones wherever possible. That’s why at least 50% of my profit will be donated to charities.
  • Generally, my images are free of charge. You might download each image and can use it according to the creative commons license ‘by-nc-sa’.
  • Everyone gives what he or she can. You decide for yourself what the print is worth to you (you name the price). 
I would be very happy if the images not only please you, but touch you. And thereby a connection between us emerges…

Your tamme ( tamme @ gratus . art )

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Whatever you care about, I am happy to hear from you.

Yours, Tamme

Gratus Art OUe
Järvevana tee 9- 40
Tallinn 11314, Estonia