A tender touch under a shattered light: a love song

Let me tell you about a hug, about that one hug that shimmers brightly amidst all the shadows and gray of life. In an old building, whose corridors carry the stories of many lives and lived moments, two hearts find each other.

In the gray foyer, which appears somewhat old-fashioned yet exudes an irresistible elegance, stands a couple. It’s as if their bodies have merged into one. With a piece of luggage as their only companion and their choice of footwear, perhaps sneakers, revealing their intentions. They are in motion, on their way to or from a place. But for this second, this endless second, they have stopped.

Hastily, passionately, they share a hug, enveloped in the dense darkness of the room and pierced by the piercing light seeping through the old windows, painting a pattern of light and shadow on the gray wall.

Our journey through life is constantly in motion, we are constantly in motion. But there are these moments, these instants when everything comes to a halt. In these moments, we are reminded that we are not alone. These moments when we feel love – whether it is romantic, or a loving gesture from a friend, or simply the quiet contentment of self-love.

This image is more than just an image. It is a feeling. It is the memory of all the hectic moments and all the breaks in between. It is the memory of what we endure, of the love we share, and of all the places we travel… together.

Take it with you. Let it remind you. Remind you of the tender moments in the whirl of life and of the warm embraces in cold corridors, and that amidst the chaos of life, love always finds a place.

So, feel the hug and share the love.



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Desk Mats

Desk Mats



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