Tamme – who?

-Emotional, abstract art for today’s do-gooders – or for just positive people-

You have your individual style and are interested in art that reflects your values and your fundamental attitudes. You are attracted by those images that emotionally touch you – and less by those that are only ” beautiful”, “pretty” or “famous”. It is your expectation that art will inspire you, that it will fit to what you are – it is supposed to fit you.

If you think of yourself as a positive person, someone who looks into the future,
if you are a “do-gooder” and “meaning-seeking” person or
if maybe spirituality is important to you,
— then you and me ain’t that different 😉

My name is Tamme, I am a visual artist and I am clearly one of the people described above: a positive thinking do-gooder and a seeker of meaning.

My images are (mostly) abstract, ( mainly) colourful and should (often) make you think.
In any case I want to express an emotional and spiritual depth and create a positive mood with them. Art always is the new and the unknown.

That’s why, after having been allowed to sell my works in two small galleries for many years, I have now decided to do something new in business as well.
My commercial journey now only continues on the net. Be a part of it, join me, let’s walk a while together – sign up for my newsletter or follow me on one of the known social networks.

I am looking forward to walk with you,
Your Tamme