Adventures of the heart: in the midst of a sea of love colours

Imagine standing in front of a gate that leads you into the infinite depths of human emotions. You feel the coldness of the white sky, the sensual contrast to the brave, vibrant red. It’s not just any red, it’s the red of love, the flame that warms us, the passion that makes us come alive. A red square, framed by wooden slats, breaks through the pale yellowish silence, which in turn acts as a metaphor for the assertiveness of love.

Two silhouette-like figures, a loving embrace, blend with the white that surrounds them, creating an eternal connection, a deep romance. These figures are you and I, we are all who love and are loved. Geometry and romance blend, like two lovers, in extraordinary devotion.

The yellow and white create a sense of balance and it becomes clear: my heart painted this with unconditional devotion. Acrylic paints, characterized by vibrant and enduring colors, underline the vitality and endurance of love and spirituality.

It’s more than just a painting. It’s a journey, an invitation to look beyond our own limits and open ourselves to the world around us. It’s love in all its forms and colors: romantic love, felt love, divine love, love for nature, art, and ourselves. It’s a reflection-filled painting that urges us to dive deeper into our own dimension of love and spirituality.

And once again, I tell you, you are not just a viewer here… You are part of this journey. You are the adventure. You are the story. You are the love that lives in every corner of this painting. Be with me. Be love.


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