Behind colourful doors: an ecstasy of light and love

Imagine standing in front of a locked door. Outside, the hustle and bustle of daily life continues, but here, in front of this door, you find silence. You don’t know what awaits you behind it, but you feel an indescribable longing that lures you into an unknown universe. The door shines in a kaleidoscope of colors – powerful red and vibrant yellow, unfolding on a radiant white canvas. Its intense presence entices you, fascinates you, until you muster the courage to grasp the imaginary door handle hidden in the bold black lines and push it open.

It is not just a door. It is rather the entrance to a new world, a transition to a realm filled with inner strength, love, and spirituality. Each radiant touch of color, dancing explosively on the canvas, expresses the diversity of life, the magnificence and beauty of existence. It is as if all facets of love – romantic love, compassion, love for God and nature – merge and discharge in an ecstatic explosion of colors.

Taking a step through this door means leaving the familiar behind and discovering the unknown splendor of love in all its forms. It is an act of courage, brought forth by a deep inner longing and curiosity for the undiscovered.

This image is more than just a fragment of my imagination; it is my invitation to you. It is my plea for you to open your heart, to allow yourself to explore new horizons, and to embark on a journey into the true depths of your being.

Forget, for a moment, the world as you know it. Enter, close the door behind you, and let yourself be embraced by the kaleidoscope of love.


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Desk Mats

Desk Mats