Between black and white: decoding the mystery of love

Immerse yourself in a world of mystery, emotions, and raw beauty. Imagine holding a heart in your hands, so fragile, so precious, reflecting the true essence of everything you love, what passionately fulfills and nurtures you. It’s a puzzle, a fascinating blend of realism and abstraction.

In this painting, nothing is superfluous. Every line deserves your gaze, every shading radiates an unspoken story. You might think you see just a person holding a heart. But it’s more than that. It’s the fleeting movement, the moment when anything is possible. Some messages are imprinted in the fine lines and contours, as if love itself danced with the graphite pencil on the paper to tell this story.

I wanted to capture the essence, the essence of what it means to love and be loved. Every corner of the painting, the delicate grip of the hands, the minimalist background, they all serve to transport you into a world where love is the alpha and omega. The sublime darkness, the mysterious white, they reflect the mystery of love, constantly changing yet eternal.

It’s a painting that touches, inspires, and raises questions at the same time. It’s a painting that loves. Perhaps one day you will see it on your wall and it will remind you of what truly matters. It will remind you to love and inspire you to be loved.

This painting is your heart. It is your mirror. I invite you to lose yourself and find yourself in it. Take it in your hands, love it, and let it love you.


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Poster and Wall deco