It is not necessary for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to be useful.

It is not necessary for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to be useful.

There are many people who are not big fans of the NFT market and express their disapproval of it.

A tool that is used for a specific purpose.

It is not essential for Non-Fungible Tokens to have a utility, as artwork has been around since the dawn of time and it is perfectly acceptable to simply admire it.

Visualize yourself appearing at an upscale museum. You spot a Vincent van Gogh artwork exhibited. You commence shouting at all people for being foolish.

What good is this foolish painting doing?

If viewed in that perspective, the answer would be no. However, does this indicate that the matter is irrelevant?

People with a lot of money often make large investments in art. It has been said that this is a way to avoid paying taxes, and this statement has some validity.

People invest in art for two main reasons:

The motivation behind the gathering of art over the course of many centuries is due to two primary causes.

Creativity is the basis of art. Art is anything that is made that was not in existence prior. All the things you spot on the television or the Internet are artworks, however, no one inquires about the practicality of these.

The ability of art to provide extra meaning to life makes it an impressive force. It increases our understanding of the world around us and helps us become more holistic individuals.

Watching Breaking Bad had a huge influence on my beliefs. It generated ideas in my head that wouldn't have otherwise been there. The same can be said for Squid Game, 1984, The Scream, and even the Bible.

None of these provided any practical benefit beyond increasing comprehension.

According to Stan Lee, entertainment is a critical aspect in the lives of individuals, and without it, they could go crazy.

Essentially, art is what provides purpose to life. This is invaluable in a universe that has no real meaning.

I had intended to pursue a degree in philosophy, with the ultimate goal of becoming a philosopher. However, someone joked about the idea to me one time.

It's an amazing concept that a philosophy factory will be beginning operations close to here in the upcoming week.

Everyone in my vicinity encouraged me to pursue something "more realistic". I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

When I reflect on it, it's amusing. All the philosophy students I've ever come across have had amazing achievements - from building websites to being successful attorneys. I bet they were all told the same thing, yet they wisely decided not to heed it.

Our society has a tendency to venerate dull, repetitive tasks. It is hostile to originality, which is a hangover from the industrial age when the only way to be esteemed was to work in a plant for 50 hours or more every week.

This type of thought process is extremely harmful. Proven to be fatal. It will persuade you to give up your ambitions and engage in something you despise. Ultimately, it's the sensitive decision to make.

The robotic nature of a routine shies away from any kind of danger, no matter how small the chances are. It's like the situation of a lab mouse that presses down a lever and anticipates a reward in the form of food. But, do you know what?

Existence doesn't function in that manner.

Surprisingly, the factory owner does not share this perspective either.

Those who think in an inventive manner can create novel paths. They can conceive of entirely new ways of tackling issues.

All outstanding successes in the fields of art, business and science were due to inventive minds. Moreover, activities that promote new methods of thinking benefit the entire society.

Progressing through time is not a straight line. A person or thought can have a tremendous influence on the course of history.

It is impossible to discuss Alexander the Great without mentioning Aristotle.

It is not possible to identify exactly how much of an effect a certain concept had on Alexander's success. Was it the specific teachings of Aristotle, the way of thinking that he had, or the regularity of it that made Alexander so influential?

It is impossible to get definite answers, however, this does not imply that imaginative thinking is pointless.

Concluding Remarks

The practical value of something is important, but not every single thing needs to be utilized for a specific purpose. To be honest, art has its own usefulness as well.

Individuals who have achieved success all rely on their creative abilities, regardless of whether they are famous billionaires or lesser-known digital artists creating non-fungible tokens.

It takes bravery to bring into being something that has not been started before. This may be a literary work, a commercial plan, or any form of art.

That is why I am allowed to possess images of cartoon animals that are more speculative in nature.

Credits featured image: Image by Tibor Bolyos from Pixabay