"Learn to Love Yourself: The Wisdom of the Deer and the Power of Self-Acceptance"

"Lerne Dich selbst zu lieben: Die Weisheit des Rehs und die Kraft der Selbstakzeptanz"

A young deer once drank eagerly from a calm lake. When she saw his image on the surface of the water, she was frightened. It saw spots on its fur that it had never noticed before. His legs were thin and his neck seemed far too long. Day after day it returned to the lake, staring at its reflection and wishing it could be different.

One day the old, wise deer, the lord of the forest, said to the young deer: "Why are you sinking deeper and deeper into the lake of your self-image, my child?"

"I see my reflection and it's not perfect," the young deer replied sadly.

The old deer smiled gently. "Don't you see that the water of the lake only distorts your image? It doesn't show the fullness of your true self," he said. "Your spots are signs of your uniqueness, they make you unmistakable. Your thin legs carry you quickly and safely through our forest. And your long neck allows you to reach the sweetest leaves that are inaccessible to others. Leave the image in the lake "Do not determine your self-perception. Because you are not the reflection in the water, you are the living, breathing being that stands above it."

The young deer began to appreciate its spots, its legs and its neck. It realized that it didn't have to be perfect to be valuable. It learned to differentiate itself from its reflection in the lake and discovered the joy of who it really was.

So, my friend, remember this: You are not the distorted image that your fears and doubts show you of yourself. You are the living being that creates and can overcome these thoughts. Don't be too hard on yourself. Distance yourself from your reflection, your imperfect self, and embrace who you truly are: unique and valuable.