Bright feelings: a colourful ode to love

Immerse yourself in this colorful symphony of life with me. Feel how the image envelops you, transports you into its dazzling world, where movement and stillness, color and form dance and swirl across the canvas. Do you see the figures, hidden cocktails of color and line, constantly in motion like us? They run, they dance, they strive for the unknown, carrying their energies in every direction, always moving, never standing still.

Can you sense the rich variety of shades of green proudly dominating? But there are also accents of blue and red, bold and passionate, racing through the image with the green, pulsating with vitality – pure vibrancy, a pulsating homage to unfolding life. This is not a black and white picture, this is a call to love and embrace life in all its colors and forms.

There are no recognizable faces, no celebrities, no prominent landmarks in this picture. No, this is abstract, a lively poem without words; it is a love song to life, to our ability to feel, to love, to grow.

Do you understand how this spontaneous expression of color and form captures the carefree, free-spiritedness of a child? This picture is more than just brushstrokes on canvas, it is a celebration of the creative fire that burns in every human soul. It is an appeal to embrace and love life – all life.

You shouldn’t just admire this picture, you should live it. Let yourself be carried away by the whirlwind of colors and forms. Find in its dynamism a reflection of your own vitality, your creative energy, your infinite capacity to love and live. My wish for you is that this picture ignites the same glow in your heart that burned within me while creating it… the eternal glow of love.



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