Haters just want to belong to us and be loved, too

On social media (unfortunately) always there: Haters.
They’ re the reason you need to have a strong character on social media.
2 ways to deal with Haters:
Post what they want to read ( bending yourself) or
try to understand them
– and delete any of their comments.
My reasons for this in this post

Listen to your inner voice – always!

Key thought today: Discipline
The most important form of discipline?
That of listening to your inner voice at all times !
Whoever is doing this, is automatically doing the right thing.
Always !

Reality vs. Fantasm

Asking whether something is real or just imagined is paradoxical.
For an artist, an object can be both:
Reality and fantasy.
Even more: reality is created in our minds.
‘Something is real’ is a merely subjective expression.
For an artist
his fantasy is reality.

The fear of missing out

Sometimes I wonder why I do certain things.
Doing things that are not habits and without thinking about them.
For example, checking email and social media in the morning.
Sometimes it actually seems to be the fear of missing out.
I envy people who can control themselves in such situations.
And it seems to be my ego that presents me with the fear.
What to do ?

Good or bad – mostly it’s up to you.

The ancient wisdom of the Stoics should also be seen in a present context.

Eptictet said: “Things are not good or bad, but become so because of your point of view.
Even a hate comment on Facebook, for example, is not good or bad.
Only when you notice things, participate in them and react to them, the things gain value and meaning.
The world as a whole is what you do with it. Good or bad is -mostly- in your observation.

The Spiritual Path – an irreversible choice

Freemasonry is a journey of self-knowledge, but also of spiritual understanding – not the only one, of course.

Such a way is always a way full of challenges and difficulties.

Once we understand that such a path exists, we cannot forget it; we cannot turn back.

To turn back would mean to deny something we have recognised.

If, on the other hand, we stay on this path, it offers us many opportunities to learn and understand.

My Why

No one has to try to influence the personal development of another person.

However, if someone would ask me what is the most important thing when working on your personality, my answer would be: the ‘why’.

The question of the ‘why’ behind our actions and those of others moves some people more than others.

For a long time I thought: I want to be an artist to make the world a little better. But that is quite wrong.

My why is much more specific: I want to inspire people. To allow themselves their own spirituality.

Spirituality is the chance to look beyond this world for the ‘why’ and to give a deeper meaning to your acting.


Many of us may feel that time is flying – faster than we’d like.
Time seems to move – forward, never back. Never at rest, always moving.
Primarily, time is a human term for the eternal rhythms of our world.
But time is always a matter of perspective.
I believe we are those who move through time – it is not time that passes by.
It is up to us to hold on to the single moment, to stop for a moment in time.
To preserve the moment.
Otherwise, at the end of our lives, all that remains is an empty jar of time and nothing that we have ever really held on to, really owned.

Art – a matter of ego?

Postponed yesterday – no, but “saved especially for today” It’s been snowing here for hours and it’s a wonderfully cosy Sunday right now. Normally I write my morning pages, and thus my blogs, first thing in the morning. Today, on Sunday, the pace is a little different. No, not because it is different on principle …

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Humility and helplessness

How well I remember when, before the first lockdown – yes, that was almost a year ago – there was a call for inner reflection. To find oneself, to make use of time (whatever it means to “make use of time”-that might be worth another thought). To go into oneself, to let calm return during …

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Data protection
We, Gratus Art OUe (Registered business address: Estonia), process personal data for the operation of this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in our privacy policy.