Colours of love: a kaleidoscopic portrait of the heart

Have you ever experienced how love comes together – piece by piece, like a puzzle? Every detail, every contour, and every color that come together to create a remarkable form of heart conversation? My painting expresses this emotional encounter. It is a symbol of my profound spiritual journey where I have explored the meaning of love. Love that everyone can understand and that has different meanings for each of us.

Within this painting, you will discover a heart – shaped from interlocking puzzle pieces that, when assembled, create the image of love. The vibrant blue tone I have chosen is a vivid representation of the depth, strength, and purity that love carries. It is a passionate and intense color that symbolizes the passion and intensity that love holds within.

The puzzle pieces symbolize the different aspects of love – romantic love, compassion, love for God, universal love that encompasses and connects all. And when these pieces come together, as in my painting, they form something complete, whole – the heart.

The heart rests on a rustic, wooden background that represents the simplicity and authenticity in every experience of love. The rough, natural facets of the wood are metaphorical for the rough, honest path that love sometimes takes, but they also reflect the solid foundation on which love rests.

I hope you feel a warm, inviting energy emanating from this painting. It radiates in cozy orange and gray colors, with the dominant vibrant blue of the heart beating hopefully. These colors are meant to bring you comfort, inspire courage, and ignite your desires and dreams. I invite you to get lost in this image, to explore this story of love, and to become part of this spiritual journey. May it inspire you to put together your own puzzle pieces of love and to experience your heart fully.


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