Hui - my images are now 'superrare' 😉

Dear friend,
from now on you can find my art as digital asset (token, NFT) at SuperRare and makersplace !
SuperRare and makersplace are blockchain platforms for trading crypto art. In ‘Crypto Art’ an artwork is created uniquely as a digital token (asset) and can then be traded as a digital unique piece. This means that there is only one digital token of each of my images, which you can buy and trade on SuperRare or makersplace.
The whole thing is based on blockchain and SuperRare/makersplace do not use bitcoin but ethereum as a basis.
So you can trade and speculate with my art in the blockchain safely! Safe because the asset (in this case: my image) is stored in the blockchain visible to everyone and it is always visible who currently owns the image.
From my point of view, this is the logical next step into the future of art: digitalization and, with it, blockchain technologies.

All transactions carried out in the blockchain are recorded transparently.
Transparency, independence, openness, protection against forgery are characteristics of the blockchain that are sometimes lacking in the traditional art market.

So, if you want to enter the world of digital currencies and blockchain, just check out SuperRare. Besides my images, you will find many other artists who also offer their artwork as a digital asset. The best thing is that you can also bid on already sold assets, which means that the blockchain gives you transparent access to the secondary art market.

How does it work? First of all you need the metamask extension for your browser, which is filled with some Ethereum. Then you can visit the SuperRare market and if you find art you like there (preferably one of my images), you can either pay the list price (to buy the art immediately) or place a bid and wait until the artist accepts your offer. Really simple, isn’t it?

My SuperRare profile is, my makersplace-profile is gratusart – See you there.