daily grind

on and on
recurring routines
driven by technology – man-made
be self-propelled
run of oneself
never be oneself
the hamster wheel of the daily grind and the daily hustle and bustle

Yes, of course: You can also order this artwork – I would love that !
It is 40cm (15,748in) x 40cm (15,748in) and I have printed it 10 times in total (yes, it is limited).
Feel free to send me an email to tamme @ gratus . art or message me on social media and I will get back to you immediately!

And, as usual: this item is available as cryptoArt (NFT), in this case on superrare.co*:

daily grind i   daily grind ii   daily grind iii   daily grind iv   daily grind we   daily grind – flow

*On this page I try to explain CryptoArt (NFT) in more detail and why I decided to offer my paintings as CryptoArt as well.