Dance of lights: warming hearts under the tree of existence

On April 29, 2024

Dance of lights: warming hearts under the tree of existence

Dance of lights: warming hearts under the tree of existence

You stand there, your eyes penetrating the image before you. It’s not just colors and shapes that I have painted with my heart, no, it’s a whole world unfolding before your gaze. A moment captured under the intertwined branches of a mighty tree, beneath its sacred canopy, observed by mysterious eyes. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

Do you see the people there under the tree, coming together and creating space for love? Their forms are sketched with delicate strokes, fine lines, as complex and as simple as what they represent – our human existence, our longing for connection, our spiritual quest. This is us, in all our facets, as diverse and yet as cohesive as the shadows the tree casts upon us.

Partake in this peace expressed in the warm yellows of the painting. It is connected to the magic of the moment when sun rays dance through the leaves of the tree, warming body and soul with their gentle glow. Do you feel how this light also shines within you, on your own inner path?

Between the branches of the tree and the people beneath, do you see the colored squares? They are the ones bridging the tangible and the abstract, between the love we see and the love we feel. They invite you to look beyond the edges of reality and to sense that even the intangible things within and around you are a form of love.

And then, suddenly, you see him – the silhouette of a man discreetly hiding in the scenery. Do you see the knife in his hand? It is not there to evoke fear, but to create the tension that true love carries within. Because love is an adventure, a constant search, a journey into the unknown. This image is me. It is my heart pulsating within it, it is my emotions that bring it to life. And if you allow yourself to embrace it, it will also become a part of you, your own personal place of love and spirituality. Take it with you and let it tell your own story.

With this image in your life, you will never stand alone under a tree again.


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