be on a social mission

Being able to donate is a gift. Willing to donate is accepting this gift.
Many people wish to contribute to charity and help others. Especially at Christmas they donate money to help people in need and support charitable projects.
When it comes to money donations, some are skeptical whether donations really help. Can my contribution make a difference? Does it reach the people?
„Donations are of no use at all“ is a prejudice – but the exact opposite is true: Not donating is of no use at all!
Even small contributions can make a big difference, so every contribution counts. What at first glance may seem like little can have a great effect.
One must not be discouraged in the face of long-lasting conflicts like the civil war in Syria or devastating natural disasters like the tsunami in Indonesia: When the need is greatest, people need our help.
After all, what would happen if there were no donations? People would be left on their own.
In many places they would have no medical care, no relief supplies like blankets or soap, not even drinking water. There would be no emergency school for the children and no psychosocial care after the disaster. This list could be continued. It shows that our help makes a difference, especially in terrible crises.
And we, you and me, who do not live in a war zone or other crisis area and who have the freedom to engage in art, WE are the ones who can help other people. And should!
Therefore, with every image and every gift you buy from me, we both go one step further on our personal social mission. Because half of the annual profit is donated to charitable organizations. Without any questions asked!
If you would like to make a direct contribution, this can be done easily and quickly with micro donations. For example, take a look at these two organizations, which support numerous social projects with your microdonation.
And please always remember: Being able to donate is a gift. Willing to donate is accepting this gift.

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