What is your message to your fellow men?

Paul says in the Epistle to the Corinthians: YOU are a letter from Christ.

“To be a letter from Christ” is, as I see it, a wonderful image:
Each of us is a letter, a message from God to the world and to his fellow men.
(Please set at the place of “Christ” the one, which you believe and which you identify yourself with: Buddha, Allah, the universe or whatever).

what is your message to your fellow men

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Each of us not only has something to say, but each of us should say something to other people. It is fascinating to think over:
What should I say or show to other people with my life? –
If I were a letter to my fellow men, what would stand in this letter?
The image is therefore so exciting for me, because it identifies the personal meaning of life in the context of our fellow men.

Nobody is in this world only for their own sake. Every life has more meaning than to be simply lived.
Or in other words: anyone, who thinks that their meaning of life implies achieving as much as possible, is mistaken. Since it is otherwise, to follow their own message.

Even the greatest egotist is in fact nothing but a message to his fellow men.
I find it exciting to think over what my message is to my fellow men, to my beloved ones, but also to my enemies. What do they take from me and my life, indeed?

And thinking further: do they take from me truly that, which I consider to be my message to the world?

If not, why not? What stops me from bringing my personal message to the other, showing it to them and what stops me from behaving according to it?

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