Decipherable future: a dance of colours, love and secrets

Immerse yourself with me in the realm of the invisible, where love and connection come alive. Look deeply into the essence of my paintings, and you will discover a story born from the delicious nectar of lovelessness.

Let us embark on a journey where two souls are united through a portrait. Two women, veiled in the shroud of self-discovery, whisper their deepest secrets to each other. Perhaps they share a loving kiss and pledge eternal loyalty. Deciphering the future is as challenging as the mysterious enigma of love.

We find ourselves in a space not confined by the boundaries of time and space, but defined by a feeling of lightness, purity, and peace. The white in my work is not a lack of color, but an ode to the simplicity and peace that our hearts deeply crave.

A touch of yellow, as warm as the first ray of sunlight in the morning, harmoniously blends into the painting. This yellow is more than a color; it is a reminder of the radiant laughter of a loved one and the delightful warmth that gentle love infuses into our hearts.

But do you see more than just a romantic scene? Do you see the features of a man or the splatters of a child? Let your imagination bloom and awaken the childlike spirit within you, for this is not only a painting but also a playground for childlike imagination and playfulness.

This painting is an invitation to you. An invitation to explore and appreciate love in all its facets, whether it be romantic love, self-love, or love for nature and God. It is a call to open your heart and strengthen your capacity to love, in good times and bad. Fall in love with this picture, fall in love with love and let your walls tell the story of my painting. This story of love and warmth hidden in every brushstroke and every imperfect detail.


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Poster and Wall deco


Desk Mats