Drawn from the heart: The symphony of untold love stories.

Once I gathered a multitude of books, each with a different breath of life, different kinds of care, love and longing buried deep within its pages. I put them together and formed a heart, the testimony of the scattered yet tightly connected gossamer threads of love that bind human experience.

Do you feel the cascade of wisdom flowing from the heart of my Tree of Knowledge? Do you see the warm shades of white and brown that assert themselves on my canvas, a subtle representation of diversity in unity?

You will also find in the midst of this earthly symphony an almost submerged, detailed carved suitcase. It stands there, filled with the collective stories we have collected over the course of our lives. It represents the journey that each of us undertakes, in which we learn, love, lose and ultimately love.

Isn’t it as if the picture speaks a poem to you? Listen to the verses that whisper softly from within the heart of the book. The ink on the pages, which has long since dried, combines with my colours and dances a silent pas de deux, revealing the beauty of both literature and art.

Imagine this picture hanging on your wall. How it invites you and your guests to pause, listen to the heart and the suitcase and envelop yourself in the love that the painting radiates. It will remind you that you are never alone on this journey and give you the confidence that no matter what, you always have the ability to feel love and pass it on to others.

This is my world of imagination and I share it with you full of love and spirituality. Connect with it and let it be part of your world.


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