Echo of longing: A dialog with the universe

In the midst of the scheme of white emptiness, it is the heart that stands out prominently. Like a shining star in the darkest night, drawn with indescribable precision against the pitch black of the unknown universe. A symbol of love, powerful in its stillness, haunting in its meaning.

In the vastness of space, in the darkness of the infinite, the heart represents a voice, an echo that speaks of the longing for closeness and love, of humanity and of everything that is kept deep in people’s souls.

With the devoted strokes of my hand, this heart was built, hollow inside, but not empty. It is a reflection of our own hearts, which, despite their vulnerability, never lose their ability to love. They shine brightly through the darkness, they are a harbor for hope, they revel in the sweetness of romantic love as well as charity.

The white color of the heart is pure and innocent, almost spiritual in nature. It is a dialog with the highest power, an expression of my love for God, for nature and for all of creation.

It is important to remember that every line, every curve and every stroke is an expression of human feelings. It is a window into my innermost being, through which you share my thoughts and feelings. It is my love for you and for love itself.

The black and white coloring is haunting. It is a reflection of the eternal contrast – the duels of life and love. Light and darkness, joy and pain, giving and taking.

I would be delighted if you would cherish this work of art in your home. That it tells you about my vision and my experience. That it sends you a little message of hope and love every day.

I wish you peace, love and light. Let’s keep swinging together in this dance of life.


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