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Unlock the Magic of Infrared Photography

Capture Unique Images Unseen By the Human Eye & Explore a Whole New Side of Photography!

Why Infrared Photography?

Infrared photography is a mesmerizing world of images not seen by the human eye. It allows photographers to unlock new perspectives and capture unique scenes in a way that isn't possible with traditional methods. By using infrared light, which has a longer wavelength than visible light, photographers can uncover a whole new side of photography that is filled with mystery and beauty.

This type of photography can be used to highlight details in nature that are often difficult to see with traditional photography techniques. For example, it can be used to capture intricate details in foliage and bring out different hues in the sky that would otherwise remain hidden by the naked eye. It's also capable of capturing extraordinary color shifts and textures that are simply impossible to replicate using other photographic methods.

The benefits of infrared photography don't stop there; it can also be used for more abstract applications such as art projects and creative landscapes. Through the use of infrared filters, photographers are able to create ethereal works of art that seem almost surreal at times. This type of photography opens up numerous possibilities for artists looking to explore a completely new medium—one which is both captivating and visually stunning.

Exploring the world of infrared photography allows photographers to unlock an array of mesmerizing images unseen by human eyes before them – making it a truly magical experience! From uncovering intricate details in nature, creating surreal works of art, or experimenting with post-processing techniques – there are endless possibilities when exploring this unique form of photography – why not give it a try today?

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tamme - who ?

I am Tamme, a spiritual person who believes that more spirituality would make our world a better place. I try to be positive in my outlook and actions, and I consider myself to be a 'photartist' (something between a photographer and an artist). I make abstract and colorful images, using photography and infrared photography as my main tools. I am also a proud father and a freemason - some would probably call me a family guy in the broadest sense.

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