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What could be the secret of freemasonry in 2018, what could it have been when the first grand lodge was founded 300 years ago?
I’ve been a Freemason myself for a long time. And even though I won’t tell you the secret of Freemasonry -) I’ll give you some clues as to what I think the secret might and might not be about. First of all: it’s not about conspiracy theories or a “new world order” -)
The image in the background I call “the fool”.
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The Masonic Secret


Hey – glad you’re here!



When we Freemasons are asked what our Masonic secret is, many brothers often answer:


Our secret cannot be described, only experienced.


Personally, I think we Freemasons make it too easy on ourselves.


To find out what the Masonic secret might be, I think you have to think back to the time it was created.


So let’s go back 300 years in thought, to the time of the foundation of the first grand lodge.


What could have been the reasons then for keeping anything secret, keeping a secret?


I can think of various scenarios for this:


1st possibility

If Freemasonry was then a kind of political – philosophical debating club – and today some brothers see it that way,

Then the contents discussed could have been what they wanted to keep secret.

Political and philosophical content.


Nowadays we are all so tolerant that the contents discussed at the time no longer need to be kept secret. After all, everyone is free to express his or her own opinion.


But that would mean that today we would no longer have a secret – the political philosophical discussions would not have to be kept secret.


In this scenario, I also wonder what our forefathers should have hidden in the symbols, rituals and allegories.

But at most the discussed political and philosophical positions.

However, these are constantly changing and have very little to do with personality development.


Therefore, I would rule out this possibility and claim: no, thus politically – philosophical debating club was not founded Freemasonry. At least not with a secret.


Let’s take another scenario, option 2:

If the Masonic mystery had been a hidden knowledge at that time and our brothers took the trouble to hide this hidden knowledge in symbols, rituals and allegories, then this mystery could still exist today.

And our Masonic symbols explain this hidden knowledge to us.

Now there’s a problem:

We Freemasons are very proud of the fact that there is no dogma in Freemasonry.

I.e. no fixed definitions concerning the interpretation of our symbols or rituals.

With some brothers I even have the feeling that they are afraid of the word dogma.

Dogma! Huhuhuhuhuhu!

Ok, if we have no dogma, i.e. no fixed interpretations and each symbol and ritual always allows many interpretations:

how can the individual brother come to exactly the hidden knowledge that our forefathers have hidden in the respective symbol or ritual?

That would be pure coincidence.

And the brother might not even notice. Because there would be many other interpretations of the symbol at the same time.

So this hidden knowledge, our secret, would simply be lost.

Simply because we allow any number of interpretations out of fear of a dogma.



That, by the way, is one of the problems of today’s Freemasonry:

That we so vehemently resist giving our symbols and rituals a firm interpretation.

Or at least a limited scope for interpretation.

But by allowing all conceivable interpretations, out of fear of dogma, our symbols and rituals degenerate into arbitrariness.

But I only noticed this in passing.


In this second scenario, in which our forefathers could have hidden secret knowledge in the symbols, would be conceivable.

But it would mean that this secret knowledge is no longer known to us today – precisely because we give so many meanings to our symbols.


Now I’d think of a third option.

A mixture of the first two possibilities.

Suppose our forefathers had wanted to exchange knowledge or knowledge about the meaning and purpose of life.

And let us continue assuming that this knowledge or insights come from non-Christian religions and non-Western cultures.

Suppose, for example, there were cabbalistic insights or Gnostic views or knowledge from ancient Egypt.

Just to give you an example.

Could our forefathers have discussed this openly 300 years ago?

Or be able to publicly admit to it?

We must not forget

Enlightenment was young.

Here in the West, the Church had the sovereignty of interpretation over the Bible.

And knowledge from such sources was and is in direct competition with what the Church understood and wanted to be understood as a religion, both then and now!


Anyone who believed or claimed otherwise at the time was an opportunist who quickly stood on the sidelines.

And who, together with the Church, has a powerful opportu


And we Freemasons have the problem that more and more brothers are moving further and further away from any religiously motivated way of looking at things.


Sometimes even refuse to see even a spark of religious content in Freemasonry.


While we Freemasons ALL have a book of the holy law lying on the altar.


And we Freemasons believe ALL in a higher authority, similar to a Creator.


If these aren’t religious principles…

It doesn’t matter.


So by refusing to allow religious meanings, Cabbalistic or Gnostic insights, for example, automatically become a mystery again.


Simply because the brothers refuse to see this knowledge.


And such insights would also become an inaccessible secret for the Freemasons.


Personally, I believe that in our symbols allegories and rituals our forefathers have recorded a combination of knowledge and insights from other religions and cultures.


And I also believe that our forefathers knew exactly that they would meet with resistance from the Church, for example.


Which happened later, if you look at the papal cops against Freemasonry.


And in order to avoid a conflict with the great churches and ultimately perhaps also with politics, our forefathers concealed this knowledge and this insight as they did.


That means there is indeed a Masonic secret.

And this is a combination of different insights from very different religions, cultures and times.


We Freemasons only have to dare to break away from our dependence on our minds.


With the Enlightenment, we humans have gained an immense amount of freedom.


And we have entered one of the greatest dependencies people have ever seen:

Into addiction to the mind.


We are no longer prepared to believe anything that cannot be scientifically proven.

Or at least logically deducible.


Science and philosophy have become more and more our religion with the Enlightenment.


And it is precisely here that we Freemasons must finally dare again not always want to prove everything. Or to always have to derive everything logically.


We just have to finally dare again to admit that our symbols, rituals and allegories could contain a whole lot of content and findings that are not scientifically founded.


Because then we’d have another Masonic secret.


One that would consist of a religiously motivated meaning and purpose of life.


A secret, that’s my personal opinion. A mystery which could certainly help us in our time today, lead us back to our origin and on the way there to more humanity.


What I’m saying is:

If we Freemasons were willing to admit to ourselves that there could also be a religiously founded meaning and purpose of life, and not just one derived from philosophical models of thought.

Then this secret could be of enormous value to the individual brother and to the society in which he lives.


Phew, long speech, short sense.


Let me just recapitulate:


I do believe there is a Masonic secret.

I also believe that this mystery is very concrete and consists of more than just experiencing our rituals.

And I believe that our secret is a combination of knowledge from different religions and cultures.

Fourthly, I believe that the mere recognition of this secret could make us, but also the society in which we live, better.


All we Masons have to do is get married.

And admit such a secret.

And do not always adhere to the modern religions of science and philosophy.

But also consciously allow spirituality to be one of our essential roots.


That’s supposed to be it for today.


I would be very happy to hear your opinion on this subject.

Just write me and let me share your thoughts and feelings.

Would be really great!



Take care, now,


And see you soon,

Your Tamme[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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