First VLOG & Life as a mirror of what we are

This is my first vlog. WELCOME 😉 In this video, you’ll find a warm “welcome” and some sentences about “life as a mirror of who we are”. Spiritually speaking, life is often a mirror of who and what we are. All we have to do is encounter it with an open heart, and then we will have countless opportunities to learn and to heal our pain.

Here’s the transcript of this vlog:


Hey – great to see you here!

… tadaaa…
welcome to my first VLOG!
I’m really a little bit excited…

My gallerist gave me some time ago
that urgent hint:
“Tamme, take care of your online presence!”

Well, if your gallery owner tells you to do something, you should do it.
… trust me 😉

So I’ve been wondering:
What can I do?

Since I’m a little tending to what the Americans call “overthinking.”
I’ve made a loooong list.

The list ended up being so long,
I couldn’t have done anything else beside those things on the list.

But, as you know,
every journey begins with a first step
a first step that has been made
is worth so much more than
1000 steps that are planned.

Here he is now:
my next first step:
my first vlog

Of course, I’ve thought of some topics,
I’d like to talk to you about here.
or to which I want to show you something.

There will be a lot of spirituality involved.
An everyday spirituality, so to speak.
And it will be about Freemasonry.
Sometimes I will show you locations,
I hang around during the day
to make my pictures.
And from time to time there should also be room for
that have nothing to do with spirituality or art.

Which topic will occur which often?
Phew – Ask me something easier… 😉

For example, in a minute, I want to talk roughly
about life as a mirror of ourselves.

But before I do, I have two little things I would like to ask you for:

Please, please don’t take everything literally.

Even if I’ve been thinking roughly about what I want to say,
I won’t have a script. But “by guess and by gosh”.

This vlogs will lack, so to say, the famous 20% to 100%…

And here I would like to ask you: bear with me…
these 20% are what makes us who we are – you and me -)

The second thing I would like to ask you is also very easy one:

When I’m in a conversation or a workshop
and I do not get any feedback from my counterpart
– my opponent just listens like a dumb fish,
I’m gonna ask him for some feedback.

Not because I want my counterpart to confirm everything I say.
by no means at all.

No, I am more interested in how my counterpart is doing.
Whether he’s okay, whether the topics I’m talking about are right for him.
And whether he has some wishes that I should perhaps respond to.
Instead of just working through my list of topics.

And, of course:
Every interaction, every feedback is always an opportunity to grow and learn as a human being.
Whew, that sounds really fancy – but it’s not meant to be.

I’m sure you know the theorem that says that my counterpart’s behavior
is a mirror of MY behavior.
Especially in the downside.

If something disturbs me on my counterpart, it indicates something
in ME that disturbs me.

An example:
Maybe you’ve seen yourself on the street,
and out of the blue,
someone else was somehow disturbing you.
It bothered you how he was walking.
Or how someone was dressed.
Or maybe it just bothered you how someone was staring at you and the other people.
And maybe then you began to think about this person.
And you got upset.
Or you’re making jokes about him.

Has this ever happened to you before?
Wonderful, me too… regularly 😉

So imagine a moment like this.
A person, you don’t know him, you don’t hear him.
All you see is how he walks and how he stares at you.
And there’s something about this that bothers you terribly.

When I notice something like that, I think of this theory.
And I search in my behavior and my habits:

What, Tamme, does annoy you so much about yourself right now?

Maybe this stranger is just staring at the others,
like you do sometimes?

Or did he just seem to be highly affected –
like you may sometimes affect others?

What is it that this person has in himself right now,
that’s wrong with YOUR behavior?
And, and this question is at least as important:
How can I change this or turn it off?

Okay, this example is a pretty simple one.
But it explains this theory quite well. In my opinion.

LIFE is holding up a mirror for us much more often
than we think!

And what do I mean by that?

I don’t see you here in the VLOG.
I can’t hear you either.

The only chance
To perceive you,
To feel your emotions,
To know your wishes –
is the chance you give it to both of us.

By writing to me,
chatting to me,
calling me
or contact me otherwise.

Only if you write to me,
we both get a chance to grow together.

Only if you write to me,
I can try to deal with the topics,
that interest you.

So my second request:
Always if something touches you here,
Alway if You have a question
or if you want to tell me something else:
write to me!

Write me how you feel, what you think and what you expect.
Then we both have a chance to grow together.

At least I’m looking forward to it!
Sodele ….this should be enough for now.

I’m glad you’ve been with me this far.
And I’d be even more happy
to have you here the next time, too.

Take care,
And see you soon,
Your Tamme

This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German)

Tamme @ Gratus.Art

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