Following your inner compass – The courage to trust the unknown

On June 15, 2024

Following your inner compass – The courage to trust the unknown

Hey, hey, Do you know the feeling that there must be more? That there is something deeper and more meaningful behind the visible? I know it all too well. It is a longing that has accompanied me for a long time – a longing for the invisible, for the hidden meaning of life. For me, this search began early on. As a young woman, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I kept sensing an inner restlessness, a whisper that prompted me to take a closer look. I suspected that the answers I was looking for were not to be found on the outside, but within myself. But the way in was not easy. It required courage, honesty and the willingness to let go of old certainties. Many times I doubted whether I was on the right path. But then there were those special moments when I felt that I was getting a little closer to the secret of life. Do you remember such moments in your own life? Maybe it was a sunrise that moved you to tears, or a look into the eyes of a loved one that told you that everything is connected. In such moments, the longing is awakened in us – the longing to get in touch with this greater whole. When I came across the words of Meister Eckhart, I felt deeply understood. “Our eyes cannot see what holds the world together at its core, but our hearts know.” I found everything I was looking for in this one sentence. The confirmation that there is a truth beyond the visible and that our heart is the key to it. But how do we learn to listen to the voice of our heart? How do we distinguish them from the many other voices within us and around us? This is the question that I have been exploring in my own life – and that will guide us through this text together. Are you ready to embark on this journey? Then let’s explore together how we can come closer to the wisdom of our hearts and sense the hidden order of life. It won’t be a straightforward path, but I promise you it will enrich your life – just as it has enriched mine. In the next section, I will tell you which experiences have helped me to perceive the voice of my heart more clearly and to trust it. But first, let us pause and give space to the longing within us. Because it is what drives us, what makes us alive and constantly reminds us that we are part of something bigger.

Learning to listen to the heart

The distinction between mind and heart – how often have we heard about it and yet we find it so difficult to live it in everyday life. I still remember the time when I began to explore this distinction in my own life.

It was a phase full of challenges. My head told me I had to function, be strong, have everything under control. But my heart whispered something else. It spoke of vulnerability, of letting go, of trust. At first I didn’t want to hear that quiet voice. It didn’t fit in with my concept of a successful, self-determined life.

But the more I tried to silence my heart, the louder it became. It manifested itself in the form of diffuse dissatisfaction, anxiety and physical symptoms. At some point, I realized that I could no longer run away from the wisdom of my heart. I had to learn to listen to her – even if that meant leaving familiar paths.

One of the most important lessons I learned along the way was the power of silence. In moments of calm, when the voices of everyday life fell silent, I could hear the whisper of my heart more clearly. At first it was just fragments, vague hunches. But the more I got involved, the clearer the messages became.

A simple exercise helped me: whenever I had to make a decision or was in a challenging situation, I placed my hand on my heart and breathed in and out deeply. I imagined my breath flowing directly into my heart and filling me from the inside out.</