Golden hearts, deep-sea secrets – A dance of love

On April 21, 2024

Golden hearts, deep-sea secrets – A dance of love

Golden hearts, deep-sea secrets – A dance of love

You discover a scene in which a gently gloved hand nurtures hearts made of pure gold within it. They gleam playfully with light, dancing upon it, I assume, and reveal in their reflections delicate details of inexplicable beauty. One thing is certain: these hearts are not ordinary hearts. They carry the color of senses, the preciousness of years, the radiance of sunrise on their sleeping faces.

The stage is set against a deep black backdrop, like a night without stars, filled only with promises. There, the hand sprouts, the whiteness of its fingertips forming a fascinating contrast against the darkness. Your eye is drawn, not by the unknown, the darkness, but by the abundance concealed within the hearts and their touch.

Brown is the dominating color, perhaps the shade of the offering hand. The darkness behind responds with a striking contrast – a melodic balance, would you not say? There is something soothing embedded in the image, a moment that seems captured in time, its vibrations gazing at you and whispering a story, summoning a memory.

In the background… Could it be the reef murmuring its mystical presence? Could we be deep underwater, where this hand brings these golden hearts to whisper? It is an additional veil, mysterious and perplexing, that drapes over the image. And then there is the gently hinted ground, representing the stable foundation of our dreams, anchoring us as we are drawn in like bubbles. Take a moment, lean back, and take a deep breath. Close your eyes, then open them again and look once more. Do you feel it too? A touch of tranquility rests heavily on your shoulders, trance and mystery dance their elegant tango through your mind. Love is everywhere, it is everything, it is the only thing. Fall in love. In yourself, in life, and with every breath, you discover new wonders. Bring the image closer to you and see the world through my eyes, let yourself fall into the boundless ocean of love.


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Desk Mats