Green silence: the hidden face of love and humanity

Lose yourself in the shimmering silence that this image holds, where two figures, sisters of the soul or perhaps lovers in the mist, find their tranquil path. The dominant color is a sacred green, embedded in a calm and mystery that goes deeper than our human hearts dare to dream.

Observe the closer individual, masked by a cloak as black as the night itself. Do you also see the distant counterpart, that emotive figure approaching an abyss, mysteriously gaining depth? Who are they? Where does their path lead? These questions are hidden in the veils of the mist, their answers silently rumbling within us. They hesitate in uncertainty, but they continue moving—a melodious hymn to our human resilience.

Oh, what artistry! The mist, those reflections, the shadows—they are omnipresent, in every brushstroke, born from the symphony of my soul. You will find no striking landmarks, no fleeting hint of prominence, for this painting belongs not only to one individual but to the world. The subtle allusion to flora, barely visible beneath the green veil, seamlessly intertwines with nature, reminding us of our deep-rooted connection to the earth.

In the quiet magic of this painting, we can capture the delicate melody of a misty reality and the silent heroes who unwaveringly find their way through it. This image speaks directly to you, evoking the ecstatic, pulsating love in all its forms—the audacious love of an immortal romance, the gentle love for humanity, the selfless charity, and surely the divine, all-encompassing love. Listen to the whisper of the painting and immerse yourself in the gentle notes of its dreamy symphony. Do you recognize the love? Do you feel the tranquility, the closeness to nature, and do you feel inspired to gain a new perspective on life? I hope so very much. Because that is the story behind the painting, and now this story is a part of you.


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