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Imagine standing on the beach as the sun slowly sets, watching the last rays of sunlight bathe the horizon in a sea of color. Long exposure shots of such a sunset by the sea can be incredibly beautiful and almost ethereal.

In my latest picture I have captured exactly this moment. The horizon seems to float on a sea of colors that are warm and soulful. The orange, blue and black hues of the sunset, captured in a long exposure, are particularly breathtaking. They give a feeling of warmth and security, as if you were wrapped in a blanket of color.

Photographing sunsets with long exposures has something very personal and intimate for me. It’s like sharing a moment that is meant just for you. This picture is an invitation to immerse yourself in this moment, to let yourself be enveloped by the colors and to enjoy the peace and beauty of the moment.

It is a picture that not only shows the beauty of nature, but also the emotional depth that such a moment can awaken in us. Let yourself be inspired by this picture and find a moment of peace and reflection in it. It is a silent testimony to the beauty of our world and the powerful emotions it can evoke in us.

See you soon,

  • horizon 7
    horizon 7
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