In love with infinity: Two souls between heaven and earth

On April 23, 2024

In love with infinity: Two souls between heaven and earth

In love with infinity: Two souls between heaven and earth

Imagine you standing next to me in the pristine wilderness of the mountains, our breath freezing in the clear, blue air. We are so close, your hand in mine, standing together, merged into two silhouettes, black against blue and white. As united as our hearts, as mysterious as our love. Our small representation symbolically strengthens the feeling of being finely connected in this overwhelming beauty of nature. It’s us against the world, us with the world, us in the world.

The rich, clear blue tones that surround us speak of freedom, liveliness, and deep understanding. They are the colors of clear thoughts, radiant confidence, and invincible courage. But despite the striking intensity of these colors, our presence nestles in between, we harmonize, we stand out from the whole.

The delicate red, captured between the grasses and rocks, flickers fleetingly, a dance of passion, a testament to our love for the world and for each other. It is our tender, burning passion that finds its way through the cool surroundings and continues to exist despite all external challenges and uncertainties.

Yes, we are standing on a mountain – has it not always been our shared journey, our struggle, our triumph? It’s not just the summit we stand on, it’s life itself.

This image tells the story of us, of you and me, our struggle and life. Every stroke, every line is a beat of our hearts, our declaration of love to life and to each other.

Do you see how we merge as one in all of this? How we move through the colors and yet stand out? That is the beauty of love: it is both a part of the whole and infinitely individual. Let us continue to climb the peaks, continue to love the world, love ourselves, and celebrate every moment.


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