Intoxication of colours: The playful side of love

You stand in front of a painting that I, as an artist, have created. It is a simple painting, yet it has a powerful aura. Take a closer look and you will see – it is the depiction of a heart in a window.

The heart, painted in vibrant colors of blue and red, is expressive. The lively stripes and shapes that I have created on its surface evoke the innocence of children’s art and give the heart an almost playful, cartoon-like character. But this childlike magic is no coincidence. It is my way of embodying the uncomplicated and sincere qualities that we often find in love.

The heart is protected by a black stripe. It represents the challenges and setbacks that we all experience in love. But still, the heart beats on, radiant and courageous, enveloped in a glowing red. Against this backdrop of harmonious blue and white tones, the heart stands out. It is illuminated and magnetically draws your attention.

This painting was not created in isolation. It is part of a larger whole, an artistic composition. Perhaps you will discover it next time, in your church or another place of tranquility and reflection. It is no coincidence that I chose the window to showcase the heart. It symbolizes the transparency that we all strive for when we fall in love.

I painted this picture with all my emotions and thoughts. I want to inspire you to appreciate love in all its forms – romantic love, love for humanity, love for others, love for God and nature. And above all, to remind you that love always finds a way. Just like this radiant heart.

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3. Courageous love
4. Transparency in feeling

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