Is there such a thing as Heaven for us Freemasons ?

If you deal with Freemasonry, whether as an active Freemason or simply as an interested person, the question of what we Freemasons do believe in will arise at some point.

And after that, whether we Freemasons, like Christians, know something like a heaven or something like a hell.

We Freemasons want to work on ourselves as human beings. But why?

You will find a possible answer in this video.

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Here’s the transcript of this vlog:

Hey – glad you’re here!


I had a question on my mind recently,

I’d like to think about out loud with you:


Do we Freemasons know – in a spiritual sense – something like “heaven”?

Or something like “hell”?


Where is “heaven” for us Freemasons?


In summary, I believe that we Freemasons in

of our teachings very well know a place similar to “heaven”.

And it is also quite precisely located in our teaching.

But we Freemasons don’t know a hell.




In all the conspiracy theories.

people always talk about such things,

that Freemasonry is a kind of religion.

Or even that we Freemasons worship Lucifer.

That’s a complete bullshit.

It’s pure conspiracy theory rubbish.


It doesn’t matter if you’d rather see it under a spiritual

or rather a philosophical point of view,

Freemasonry is always about one thing:

As we say “to make good people better”.


We Freemasons want to work on ourselves as human beings.


And for that we have our Freemasonry symbols and rituals.


These are tools for us, so to speak.


Tools to shape our lives

and also to become a good person.

Or at least a little bit a better one,

than we are today -)




If someone wants to work on himself as a human being,

I think there is always one question:


Why does he want that?

What does he expect from this?


For a Christian, the answer is very simple:

A Christian hopes for an afterlife.

And he aligns his life on earth positively,

to come to God’s side after his death.


But a Freemason?

Freemasonry is not a religion.




So what is the motivation of a Freemason

to become a better person?


Do we perhaps believe in something like a life after death?


A time when we’ll be rewarded,

for leading a good life?


And: who would reward us then?



If you’re a Freemason,

I’m sure you’ve answered these questions a long time ago:


Yes, we Freemasons believe in a life after death.

From my point of view, our rituals say that clearly.


But what about a reward for a

good life?


Or, asked the other way around:

Do we Freemasons expect punishment if we weren’t good people?

Is there such a thing like a hell for us Freemasons?



We Freemasons have a conception of good and bad.

We speak of “light” and “darkness”.


However, “light” as a symbol does not only stand for the good.

Light can just as well stand for e.g. “wisdom”.


Here we should not forget that we Freemasons work with symbols.

And unlike signs, they have meanings,

which can vary from situation to situation.


Light therefore stands, among other things, for good or for wisdom.


If you are looking for something like heaven for us Freemasons, it makes sense to look where you can find the most light at all.


In our rituals, the place where most of the light is to be found is the innermost part of the temple.


Our “temple” is an allegory based on Solomon’s temple.


So the greatest light can be found in the innermost part of the temple.


And the greatest light, that can be the good, the greatest wisdom or even the most sacred thing.


So far, so good.




So you could say that the “innermost part of the temple” would be something

similar to heaven for Christians.

Just not quite so far away 😉


And where would you find the opposite?

Where is most of the darkness for us?

Where is ” the bad ” to be found?


That’s a little more difficult.


For a Christian the holiest thing is in heaven.

And in hell is the opposite.

Maybe the devil.




We Freemasons see darkness, that is, ” the bad”,

wherever there is no light.


So we see ” the bad ” everywhere where “the good ” is not.


This makes it difficult to find something like “hell” with us.


At least as a fixed place it does not exists in our teachings.

We concentrate ourselves and our efforts on the good, on the light.


We have a place for the brightest spot.


Not for the darkest point.


Dark is everything that is not light.

Evil is everything that is not good – so to speak.




I just said that the innermost part of the temple would be something like heaven for us.

Just not quite so far away.


So where is this “innermost part of the temple”?


Well, when I look at the rituals of our first three degrees,

then I’m of the opinion

that this place is to be found in every human being.





The brightest place is in every human being.






In parallel to the question about hell, one can also ask whether we Freemasons

know an opponent to our Creator?


We Freemasons believe in something like a creator. Like God.


Because every Freemason confesses to this before he is accepted as a Freemason.


But do we also know an opponent to the Creator?

An opponent to God?

Like Lucifer or the devil?


No, I don’t think so.


Our teachings know darkness as the opposite of light.

But, as I have already said, darkness for us is basically only the absence of light.

Nothing anyone’s responsible for.

Nothing anyone created.

So there is no one who could have created the darkness.



That’s a topic which keeps us Freemasons

busy all our lives.


And of course, no brother will ever have an answer to these questions.

But maybe we don’t have to.


It might be enough for a person to develop,

to deal with such questions over and over again.




Let me sum up my thoughts on heaven from a Masonic perspective:



Yes, we Freemasons know good and evil.

We just call it light and darkness.



We Freemasons believe in a creator.



We Freemasons believe in life after death.



What heaven is to a Christian is what we call “the innermost part of the temple”.



This innermost part of the temple can basically be found in every human being.



We Freemasons do not know a bad opponent to the Creator.


And last but not least:

We don’t know the hell as the seat of this opponent either.

The bad is everywhere, where the good is not.

Darkness is everywhere where there is no light.


So it is quite simple, the question of the “Freemason heaven”, or 😉


Take care, now,


And see you soon,

Your Tamme


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