Jackson Pollock : “I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own.”

Please feel free to download the caption as an image or to share it directly on social media:

Jackson Pollock

free artwork

Did you know that I believe art should be free in general and that you can download a special version of any of my images for free?

You only have to share the image once on social media and afterwards you can download it immediately with a resolution of 1920px.
On every image page you”ll find a section on the bottom right to share the image on social media. Once you have shared it via twitter, facebook or google, you will see the download link for the image.

Of course and in general, my Art is copyright-protected and not i.e. CC. But the special version of my artwork might be downloaded for personal use.

Have fun downloading !

Being able to donate is a gift. Willing to donate is accepting this gift.

We should all be on a social mission.

Being able to give is a gift. The willingness to give is the acceptance of this gift.
The world is changing. While some of us are doing well and are getting better, others are doing badly and are getting worse.
We, you and I, are at least doing well enough to be able to enjoy art.
More than ever, it is our task to help those who need our help – no matter how and no matter to what extent. Donations can be an easy way to give even small help.
However, some of us are sceptical about whether donations really help. Can my contribution make a difference? Does it reach the people?
“Donations are of no use at all” is a prejudice – but exactly the opposite is true: Not donating is of no use at all!
Even small contributions can make a big difference, so every contribution counts. What at first glance seems little can have a big impact.
In the face of long-lasting conflicts like the civil war in Syria or devastating natural disasters like the tsunami in Indonesia, we should not be discouraged: When the need is greatest, people need our help.
After all, what would happen if there were no donations? People would be left on their own.
In many places they would have no medical care, no relief supplies such as blankets or soap, not even drinkable water. There would be no emergency school for the children and no psychosocial care after the disaster. This list could be continued. It shows that our help makes a difference, especially in terrible crises.
And we, you and I, who do not live in a war zone or any other crisis area and have the freedom to engage in art, WE are the ones who can help other people. And so we should!
If you would like to make a direct contribution, this is easily and quickly possible with small donations. Take a look at these two organisations, for example, which support numerous social projects with your microdonation.
And please always remember:
Being able to give is a gift. The willingness to give is the acceptance of this gift.

Whatever you care about, I am happy to hear from you!  Yours, Tamme.

blockchain: My art is now ‘SuperRare

Dear friends,
from now on you can find my art as digital asset (token) at SuperRare!
SuperRare is a blockchain platform for trading crypto art. In ‘Crypto Art’ an artwork is created uniquely as a digital token (asset) and can then be traded as a digital unique piece. This means that there is only one digital token of each of my images, which you can buy and trade on SuperRare.
The whole thing is based on blockchain and SuperRare does not use bitcoin but ethereum as a basis.
So you can trade and speculate with my art in the blockchain safely! Safe because the asset (in this case: my image) is stored in the blockchain visible to everyone and it is always visible who currently owns the image.
From my point of view, this is the logical next step into the future of art: digitalization and, with it, blockchain technologies.
All transactions carried out in the blockchain are recorded transparently.
Transparency, independence, openness, protection against forgery are characteristics of the blockchain that are sometimes lacking in the traditional art market.
So, if you want to enter the world of digital currencies and blockchain, just check out SuperRare. Besides my images, you will find many other artists who also offer their artwork as a digital asset. The best thing is that you can also bid on already sold assets, which means that the blockchain gives you transparent access to the secondary art market.
How does it work? First of all you need the metamask extension for your browser, which is filled with some Ethereum. Then you can visit the SuperRare market and if you find art you like there (preferably one of my images), you can either pay the list price (to buy the art immediately) or place a bid and wait until the artist accepts your offer. Really simple, isn’t it?

The mandatory Artist statement

Art to me is comparable to the big Mystery of Love – it is both a form of Freedom and Hope.
It is also the expression of the human being and as such it is subject of the duality of our existence.
Thus, it cannot avoid illustrating opposites, as it does in everything that it illustrates: No Beauty without Ugliness, no Light without Shadow, no Desire without Fear.
Artistically I try to approach these poles through multiple perspectives. That’s why in my images you can often find more than one vision of an object.
I like to use supporting technologies such as multiple lenses or infrared film, which push the viewer to a different view than the usual perspective.
As you can see in the images, my main subjects and recurring themes are nature, spirituality and masonic symbolism.
I do not primarily define “my” art through its recognizability.
Because – quite obviously – I am not one of those artists who declare a once found aesthetic form to be a personal trademark or style and then consistently follow it.
Rather, I make use of many available approaches in my images. But I’m sure you’ve already recognized that.
In any case, I’m looking forward to interact with you and would like to know your view on Creation, the world and, of course, my images.

Tamme – who?

Tamme is a visual artist from Northern Germany. After completing his degree in Art and working as a photographer for several years, he is currently focusing on the artistic articulation of his inner world and his view on the world. As a freemason he believes that every individual is able to improve himself as a human being in order to build a better world through this work on the individual.
This is the reason why, despite his awareness of the duality of our existence, he always attempts to first present a positive view of the objects and motives.
As a nature lover and frequent traveler, Tamme finds many of his objects and motives in nature or in everyday life.
To share the resulting images with his community, he founded Gratus Art (https://gratus.art) ( gratus [lat]: grateful, thankful)

Get the ‘Nr. 1’

Are you interested in the first print (‘No.1’) of this edition?

Terrific !

Just write me an email and I will be in touch with you short

High quality poster

Museum-quality poster on thick and durable matte paper.
Each poster is a statement in every room and is printed on archived, acid-free paper that delivers brilliant prints to brighten every room.
-Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²)
-Giclée print quality
-Opacity: 94%


-ISO brightness: 104%

Printed on canvas

An image printed on canvas is a statement and a work of art in one. 

Beautify your rooms with these photorealistic prints!

-acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton-based

-20.5 mm thick canvas, 470 g/m²

-Mounting bracket included – centred on the frame

-Hand-glued solid wood tensioner strips

-Printed on structured and lightfast canvas (OBA-free)

fsc - certified

Forest Stewardship Council
Forest Stewardship Council

The wooden frames that you can get with a limited edition print are made of wood which is FSC certified.
This contributes to a more environmentally conscious use of one of the world’s most important natural resources. Although wood grows back, it needs a minimum of favourable conditions. By preferring wooden frames that bear the FSC label, you actively support the responsible use of this raw material.

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a non-governmental organisation founded in 1993 in Toronto, Canada and now operating worldwide. Its primary objective is to combat the environmentally harmful exploitation of forests. In accordance with a far-reaching catalogue of principles, the organisation monitors the functioning of forestry operations and issues certificates to those who commit themselves to sustainable forest use.

In order to live up to this ideal, it needs not only responsible manufacturers, but also environmentally conscious consumers. With an FSC certified wood image frame, you make a direct, not to be underestimated, contribution to the conservation not only of the natural habitat of many animals, but also of our own.

… limited edition …

This artwork is available as a limited edition (‘artist edition’)

  • – High quality print on Hahnemuehle FineArt paper (long-lasting museum quality)
  • – Limited to 20 pieces per size
  • -> the frist piece of an edition is available by request ( tamme @ gratus.art)
  • – Numbered and handsigned (on the back)
  • – It comes with a certificate of authenticity (of course ;-)
  • – An increase in value is guaranteed (price will incease with each print sold)


As you probably know, three principles are very important to me:

– We should support the weaker ones wherever possible. That’s why at least 50% of my profit will be donated to charities.
– Generally, my images are free of charge. You might download each image and can use it according to the creative commons license ‘by-nc-sa‘.
– Everyone gives what he or she can. You decide for yourself what the print is worth to you (you name the price).

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