Journey to the centre of the universe: The pulsating heart of the universe

Do you feel this pulsating space between black and white? This no man’s land where love takes its place and the lightness of being reveals itself? Step inside, dear friend, into the piece of soul landscape that I have painted here for both of us.

A heart rises from the darkness, lifted up by an invisible force. But do not be deceived, this is not an illusion, but an invitation to dive deep into the mystery of love. With every beat, the heart pulses in the rhythm of longing. It is adorned with smaller hearts, in a loving mosaic that celebrates every breath of life.

The white emptiness serves as a canvas, on which existence presents itself in its pure and original way. It is the empty space in which we place our love, full of devotion. In contrast, the dark black embraces and brings to light our deepest feelings, like a silent night.

Like in the fleeting dream of a soap bubble, we swim in an ocean of hearts. Even though there are no signs of land or distinctive landmarks, the image is rich in depth – the abyss into which we leap when we fall in love, enveloping us to forget everything else but the simplicity of love. The place where we lose ourselves, only to find ourselves again in the core of our own love.

This image is a tribute to love. A declaration of love to all its facets – romantic, selfless, divine, and natural. Because it is love that carries us, that holds us when everything else falls apart, that reminds us at the end of the day that the simplest things are often the most beautiful.

I invite you to keep this image in your heart and to consider it as a precious symbol of love. Because when you can fill your heart with love, you also fill the world with love.


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