Limited Edition – now as ‘sustainable version’

Up to now, I have always printed limited editions on high-quality, traditional fine art paper.  The advantage of this, besides the high quality and durability, was that “I knew what I was getting”.  I.e. the characteristics of the paper were known, you could easily handle it and the quality of the images was consistently high.
However, the traditional fine art papers have a disadvantage:  
agave fine art paper hahnemuehle art
They are 100% cotton and often produced with optical brighteners.
Cotton is unfortunately not a very sustainable raw material, often needs pesticides and a lot of water during cultivation.  Some of these fine art papers contain additional optical brighteners.
Ecologically, these traditional fine art papers are not the best.
That’s why I was pleased to receive a sample of the new Hahnemuehle Natural Line some time ago.
The Natural Line are 3 types of paper that are made from sustainable raw materials:  Bamboo, hemp and agave.
These plants are fast-growing, do not need pesticides and only need a little water when growing.  Thus they help to conserve valuable resources and thus protect the environment.
In addition, Hahnemuehle does not use any optical brighteners for these papers and guarantees that they are just as durable as the traditional Fine Art papers.
After some tests I have therefore decided to print my limited editions on Fine Art paper made of Agave in the future.
The Hahnemuehle Agave paper consists of 70% sisal fibres (agave) and has a softly pronounced surface structure.  The colours and details correspond to what I know from traditional Fine Art papers – which for me was a prerequisite for changing over.
Although the paper is not (yet) suitable for every motive because of its soft surface structure.  But for the motives for which it is suitable, I will only use this more eco-friendly paper.
More information about the Hahnemuehle Natural Line can be found here and information about the Agave paper I will use in the future can be found here.
You can find my images (more and more of them on Agave paper 😉 at Saatchi.

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