Every now and then I read something about ”daily wisdom” . I have a few of them. E.g. books, which provide a short philosophical text every day. Another book contains a masonic meditation every day, based on the bible. As I said: not every day I look into each of these books. I lack the discipline to. Or, as I put it to myself: the time 😉 Anyway. These days I found a great paragraph in the book with the masonic meditations, talking about discipline. At this point a nice hint from the universe. And it was about the inner voice. This meditation spoke to me somehow from the heart, so I want to summarize it here today.

The meditation was introduced with a paragraph from the prophet Haggai:

But now, Zerubbabel, be of good cheer, says the LORD; be of good cheer, Yeshua, you son of Jehozadak, you high priest! Be of good cheer, all the people of the land, says the LORD, and work! For I am with you, says the LORD of hosts. Haggai 2:4

The meditation that follows is about one important thing, a core skill, so to speak, that we should learn: discipline. No, not discipline to always do our daily tasks well.

But just the discipline to listen to our inner voice. Not just to perceive this inner voice.

But the discipline to listen to this voice. To act according to it. Out of a sense of deep understanding. Out of a trust to do the right thing.

This discipline of trusting our inner voice is something we have to learn. Because it is quite difficult to trust it. And this trust is questioned again and again.

We cannot control how our outer world reacts to us, our thoughts and our actions. Some people therefore act in an adapted way: as it is expected from them. Or in a way that represents the easiest way for him. Possibly against what his inner voice tells him. And this leads, without wanting to start a psychological excursus, to conflicts. To inner conflicts. On the one hand, what the inner voice, the gut feeling says. On the other hand, what you do – because it is expected or it is the easiest way. And such conflicts are rarely healthy.

Better to learn to listen to your inner voice and do what your gut tells you to do. Disciplined. Always.

Because from this discipline a trust arises. A trust in your own inner voice. And in the fact that it tells you the right thing. It advises you to do the right thing. That it is simply the right thing to do if you follow your gut feeling, your inner voice.

With this trust, you can relax and be sure that you have done the right thing: our best.

Trust your inner voice – disciplined – always – and you will do the right thing: Your best!

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