london – berlin – rome

frequent travelers – If you have to travel a lot around the world on business, you get to know many countries and cities, right?
Travelling, meeting, socialization, hotel, meeting, travelling – always the same procedure.
Be it London, Berlin or Rome: Same meeting rooms, hotels, cabs, busses, trains, airports. Hardly any leeway to get to know ‘country and people’.
Nowadays there is simply no time and leisure to actually get to know the cities you work in.
It’s all about getting to successfully attend the next meeting with your colleagues. No matter where.

And yes, of course: You can also order this artwork – I would love that !
It is 60cm (23,622in) x 40cm (15,748in) and I have printed it 10 times in total (yes, it is limited).
Feel free to send me an email to tamme @ gratus . art or message me on social media and I will get back to you immediately!

*On this page I try to explain CryptoArt (NFT) in more detail and why I decided to offer my paintings as CryptoArt as well.