Love: The eternal metamorphosis of the soul

Believe me when I say that your soul embarks on a spiritual journey once your eyes touch this fascinating image. Before you, two women are intertwined like puzzle pieces, radiating warmth and serenity. Their eyes are closed, a sign of inner introspection and silent meditation.

On their foreheads, tenderly illuminated by the shimmering darkness, you will find a heart. It is not a simple heart. It is the emblem of love, the lost secret they share. Love that is more than just a feeling. It is a universe, an anchor, an infinite expanse. It symbolizes the love we carry in our hearts – love for others, love for ourselves, love for humanity, and divine love.

The color palette, predominantly in black, is significantly interrupted by the vibrant red of the heart, powerfully expressing its meaning. Superficially, one might believe that the torn texture is an expression of fragility and the need to fight. But rest assured, it is much more than that. It is the eternal pursuit, constantly renewing, breaking and healing, always rediscovering itself.

Despite the intricate complexity that captivates both the eye and the mind, this image exudes a soothing calmness. It is a window to our hearts, a silent observer of our lives, our love. It urges us to contemplate love, to explore it, to question and define it in all its facets.

And do not forget, amidst all the mysticism, this image is also a puzzle. A puzzle waiting to be assembled, a mirror of our own lives. Each piece is a fragment of ourselves – our fears, our joys, our dreams and hopes, pieced together to form a whole. I invite you, as my friend and admirer of my work, to embark on this journey of exploration and revelation. In this painting, in every brushstroke, lies my soul, born out of love and spirituality.

So observe and feel. Learn and understand. Love and be loved.

This painting is more than just color on canvas. It is a tribute to love in all its forms.


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