Loving ode to innocence: paper boats on the ocean of the heart

Glide with your eyes over the harmonious scenery that I have led into blank white: Two swaying paper boats, one in gentle red, the other in pulsating blue. Through their simplicity, they become icons of what we store in our hearts as childlikeness.

Do you see the smaller, red boat on the left side of the image? It is simple yet an indicator of a certain innocence, a delicacy that emerges in the transcendent play of shaping, folding, and letting go. The larger, blue boat on the right side, on the other hand, radiates strength and determination in its intensity.

Together, they unite everything that love is in this white space: romance, devotion, interpersonal connection, and compassion. They also embody my relationship with my art, my spirituality, and ultimately with you. They are for me a silent, invisible bond that connects two souls across an ocean of uncertainty.

The contrasting and yet harmonious colors of red and blue seem to float on the gentle waves of the intangible, lending the image an innocent boldness. Their beauty is only enhanced by the purity and tranquility of the background, which fills the scene with a deep sense of security. This spirit of simplicity, combined with the allure of colors and the balance between red and blue, may awaken deep feelings of childlike joy and freedom in the heart.

Embark on a journey of complete devotion, let your consciousness wander into the gentle embrace of infinity. What story, what feeling awakens in you as you gaze at this image? Is it not an invitation to shed your fears and recognize your inner abundance? These lovingly sketched and painted paper boats are more than just figurative. They are the product of a longing heart and an open soul, and like love itself, they are beautiful in their imperfection. I invite you to embark on this journey with me.


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Poster and Wall deco