Moment of silence: the romantic poetry of the human-animal relationship

You see it in front of you, this intimate portrait of a man and a dog. A quiet moment, away from the outside world, framed by the timeless beauty of nature. Both of them sitting there, seemingly lost in thought. Both in a peaceful and calm atmosphere, emphasized by the white tones of the painting.

These two souls, human and animal, united in a moment of tranquility. The man, immersed yet completely present, radiates an incredible serenity. As if you had just caught him pondering his thoughts, in an incomparable place somewhere in the universe of togetherness.

Then there’s the dog. A reddish hue, the only element of color in the scene. A glimmer of life. A fiery contrast to the cooling white tones. He sits there, upright and alert, as if he wants to explore the world. His curiosity balances between the man’s calmness and the dog’s activity, complemented by the intimacy of the moment.

Now imagine opening your eyes and this picture is the first thing you see. How would it feel to be greeted by this image every morning, representing masculinity and the purest form of animal love? A picture that not only tells a story of friendship and solidarity, but also conveys a message of love in all its facets: romantic love, all-encompassing love for humanity, love for one’s neighbor, and love for nature.

This picture is more than just a sketch, it is a mantra for the love and bond between humans and animals. A reminder of the silent beauty of connection and the simple happiness of togetherness. Bring this picture into your home. Look at it daily and let yourself be guided and inspired by the tranquility and love that emanate from this artwork. The decision to purchase this image is more than just a buying decision. It is the decision to own a small piece of my soul, my artistic vision, and my love for life.


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Desk Mats


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