My “toys” are a sign to me.

Sometimes there are moments when I feel the need to influence other people (to exercise power over them) or to impress them through my actions. Or by what I have achieved or what I possess (my “toy”).

Whenever I feel such a need, I am grateful to the people around me.

For this need for power and conditional love shows me that I am not yet ready to heal all my pain*. Or to put it another way: that I’m not ready to work on all my weaknesses.

My Toys are a sign to me

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That is, that I am not yet ready to heal all the pain I have experienced in my existence or inflicted on few others.

But that I, at least in a part of my life or a part of my thoughts, am still trapped in the material plane.

And that in this part of my thoughts I still avoid recognizing and healing my pain.


Transferred to the spiritual level this means:

At least part of me still refuses to go back to the Creator.


Otherwise I would be prepared to recognize and heal the pain unconditionally, i.e. to eliminate the weakness of these materialistic thoughts. To separate from the material plane and all thoughts connected with it.

In summary, thoughts of power or thoughts of impressing others through material things are nothing more than a clear sign that I am not yet ready to separate from the material plane.


So whenever my thoughts are about other people, about impressing or influencing them, I am grateful for this reference to a part of me that I still have to heal.


So whenever I think of my “toys” (the things I own and for whose sake I want to be loved), this is a sign for which I am grateful.


*When I speak of “healing my pain,” I mean no physical or emotional pain. But by this I mean the negative energy that I have built up in the course of my existence. These can be negative things I have done to myself. Or negative things I’ve done to others. Or it could be negative things about myself, my weaknesses.

“Heal my pain” to me means nothing more than balancing this negative energy. Because this is one of the prerequisites for my way back to the One (to our Creator, to the whole or whatever you call it).

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