Gratus Art and Tamme

What is Gratus Art about and who is Tamme?

The easiest part first ; -) : 

Gratus, that is the platform on which I would like to show you my pictures and designs. 

As you can see in the pictures, my main subjects and recurring themes are nature, spirituality and masonic symbolism.

Yes, I am a Freemason and today, after more than 10 years in the Brotherhood, I believe that Freemasonry is the best thing that has happened to me in my life  – after my family.

Creativity for me is a kind of “fearless interaction with the Creation around us”. A kind of networking with the wholeness of creation. This “networking with creation” is my way of developing a holistic view of the world. 

Thus my art and my pictures are to a certain extent the source of my happiness and my meaning here on earth.



I do not primarily define “my” art through its recognizability.

Because – quite obviously – I am not one of those artists who declare a once found aesthetic form to be a personal trademark or style and then consistently follow it.

Rather, I make use of many available approaches in my paintings. But I’m sure you’ve already recognized that.


In any case, I am looking forward to interacting with you and would like to know your view on Creation, the world and, of course, my pictures.

Just write me an email. On this form it goes simply and fast.

Talk to you,


Your Tamme

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