The world of infrared photography

Hey, hey,

Welcome to my world of infrared photography.

Every image you see here opens a door to an invisible dimension of our reality. Infrared technology makes hidden aspects of the world that are normally hidden to the human eye visible.

Infrared photography offers a unique perspective that shows landscapes, people and scenes in a completely new light. It's not just the unusual colors and contrasts, but also the hidden stories and emotions that lie behind each picture.

I cordially invite you to embark on this journey of discovery. Be fascinated by the mysticism and depth of every infrared photograph and discover a world that may have been unknown to you before. Every photograph tells a story from a spectrum that lies beyond our everyday perception.

Feel free to look around and experience the magic of my infrared photography. It is a gift and I am here to accompany and support you on this journey.

Peace, love and happiness to you,

Your Tamme