ENSO - a small project about our uniqueness

Hey, hey,

Have you ever wondered why so many selfies shared on social media look so similar? Why does it seem like we see the same image over and over again, even though it was taken by different people? I thought about that and launched this little art project - which might make some people think.

In this project I would like to draw attention. For example, that many selfies are just imitations. Copies of poses, facial expressions or locations that have already been used and shown by others. But what happens if we constantly orientate ourselves towards others, copying their facial expressions and their poses? We lose a bit of ourselves. Instead of showing our uniqueness, we only present an imitation. Our personality, our individual being, what I call "the divine spark" is overshadowed.

But why do we do this? Many of us long to just be ourselves. To show yourself authentically without the pressure to conform. And with the same selfies over and over again, they end up doing exactly the opposite. This art project can hold a mirror up to us and it challenges us. It encourages you to embrace your uniqueness and have the courage to be different.

Now imagine an ENSO or Zen circle. At first glance it's just a simple, round circle.
In reality, an ENSO is so much more. Many Buddhists practice painting an ENSO daily and believe that one can read the artist's personality from it.
So why not think of an ENSO as a kind of ancient selfie?
Yes, at first glance an ENSO may look like any other.
But with mindfulness and a second look, you can see that no two ENSOs are the same. Everyone has their nuances, everyone is unique.
And if you believe the Buddhists, each ENSO is a reflection of the personality of its painter - a real selfie.
A selfie that only reveals itself at second glance, but is still unique and shows nothing other than emptiness and the personality of its painter at the same time.

I invite you to embark on this journey with me. Be inspired, reflect and find your own unique path in the world of selfies, ENSOs and your expression of who you believe you are. It is time for us to have the courage to express ourselves, celebrate our uniqueness and let the divine spark shine in all of us. It's time we free ourselves from egalitarianism and realize our full potential. Because there is so much more to you than you might think. And this project is here to remind you of that.

Peace, love and happiness to you,

Your Tamme.