Picasso’s wisdom and Doctor Strange’s insight: How art liberates the soul

On June 17, 2024

Picasso’s wisdom and Doctor Strange’s insight: How art liberates the soul

A spiritual dialog with Doctor Strange about cleansing the soul through art

tamme: Today I have one of my spiritual heroes as a mental guest: Doctor Strange. Welcome, mighty master of the mystic arts and guardian of spiritual truths. Namasté and greetings to you, Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange: Namaste, Tamme. It is an honor for me to communicate with you in this cosmic moment. What deep question would you like to explore today in the mystical mists of knowledge and truth?

tamme: Master of the mystic arts, I have an impulse from the field of art that has touched my senses and calls for a deep, spiritual understanding: “Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul.” – Pablo Picasso. I would like to know what you think of this idea and how you think it could support especially spiritual art lovers in their lives.

Doctor Strange: Ah, a truly meaningful and wise thought that we are addressing here. Let me delve into the depths of mystical wisdom and give you an answer that serves enlightenment.

To understand Picasso’s thoughts, we must first consider the essence of art. Art is more than just a collection of colors, shapes and lines. It is a manifestation of the inner spirit, a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious, between the material and the spiritual. When Picasso says that art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul, he is talking about this transcendent power of art to restore our spiritual purity and free us from everyday burdens and worries.

As a master of the mystic arts, I have learned that there are not only physical or material forces, but also profound spiritual energies that shape our existence. These energies can be channeled and amplified through artistic expression. An honorable painting, a poignant sculpture or a stirring melody have the potential to lift us to a higher level of consciousness and purify our minds.

Now I want to talk about the spiritual art lovers. These souls are naturally more sensitive to the resonance of energy and vibration captured in artistic works. They seek not only aesthetic beauty in art, but also spiritual enlightenment and healing. For them, art can be a transformative experience that takes them into deeper layers of themselves and establishes a direct connection to the universe.

Imagine walking into a room where the walls are covered in vibrant colors and masterful paintings. Each of these works of art is a window into another dimension, a gateway to a higher sphere of understanding and truth. In these moments of contemplation and experience, a purification takes place. The everyday worries, fears and stressful “dust” of everyday life is wiped from the soul like a gentle breeze blows the dust off an old book. It’s as if the artworks bathe your soul in a bath of light and color, healing your inner scars and revitalizing you with fresh energy and clarity.

In my own journey as a Sorcerer Supreme, I have often resorted to art to find inner peace and clarity. The ancient tomes and mystical artifacts that I keep are not only tools of magic, but also works of art that carry deep spiritual truths and energies.

For spiritual art lovers seeking connection and healing, the key lies in the conscious encounter with art. Return to works of art that speak to your heart and mind and allow their energy to flow through you. After making sure to remain in a meditative state in order to fully grasp the essence of the art. This will not only anchor you in the present moment, but also serve your spiritual growth and inner healing.

Art can also be seen as a means of deepenin