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44 – II


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This series consists of two pictures with which I would like to convey a profound message.
The basic idea behind both images is that there are always alternative ways of doing things, tackling tasks or solving problems.
We humans are called upon to be creators, not just consumers. And as creators of our own reality, we are called upon to look for alternative solutions, be it for personal challenges or social problems. Resignation is not an option.

Both images use something familiar to us all: who didn’t draw the “House of Santa Claus” as a child? The task here is to draw this house in one go and many of us were happy to find a way to do it at all. But did you know that there are 26 different ways to draw the house in one go? And yes, there are of course many more ways and possibilities that don’t lead to the goal. You just can’t give up, you have to look for the ways. This makes the “House of Nicholas” a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves that, as creators, we MUST look for ways and possibilities to tackle and solve tasks and problems.

This (second) picture shows many paths that do not lead to the goal. These “failures” are also part of the process. They challenge you to keep going and to look for solutions that work. Don’t lose the courage to look for ways, even if they are sometimes not immediately visible.

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50cm x 50cm, 19.7inches x 19.7inches


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