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calm – haiku

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From the rudder blade drips

the evening sky.


Hubert Thum


Silence. The silence that touches. Vastness of the water. Silence of the water. Only a single sound. Almost meditative. Into the red of the evening sky. The light of the setting sun. The light that illuminates everything.


The light shines on the water and it is as if the water absorbs the light. The surface of the water becomes red. The color of the setting sun. And then, gradually, the color fades and the water becomes dark.


The darkness of the night. The silence of the night. Only the sound of the waves. And then, slowly, even that fades away and there is only silence. Silence and darkness. The silence of the night.

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66cm x 96cm, 26.0inches x 37.8inches, 46cm x 66cm, 18.1inches x 26.0inches


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