Red light whispers: Hidden melodies of a hidden love

On May 2, 2024

Red light whispers: Hidden melodies of a hidden love

Red light whispers: Hidden melodies of a hidden love

Do you remember those moments when the mystery of existence forces us to pause, takes our breath away and makes our hearts leap with sympathy and admiration? Are you able to walk in the depths of my soul? Let us immerse ourselves together in the world of this picture, in the unfathomable ways of the universe, where love and hope vibrate incessantly.

Here she is – a woman who, bold and daring, decides to cover her face with a fabric in vivid shades of red. The red, which harbours the cheerful magic of crimson, stands proudly against the pure white of the background and makes the picture vibrate with life. It reveals itself and yet remains hidden; its identity is a melody that resonates in the quiet stillness and arouses our curiosity.

Don’t be fooled by the scarf that covers her face – it is more than simple clothing, it is her art, her language, her story that she courageously carries out into the world. She tells us about the power of individuality, about the beauty of freedom, about the courage to be authentic. Her silence is densely packed with unspoken words, dreams and laughter, the corpses of her fears and the flaming gift of love.

This painting invites you to step inside, to empathise and to recognise your own truth. It is a hymn to humanity, to the precious ability to love and be loved, to the profound connection to oneself and to the great network of life. Here, in the intimate contact with the unknown woman, you can lose your way, find yourself and, if you are ready, lose yourself again.

Love, in all its forms and manifestations, is the strongest binding agent in the universe. The love of a man for a woman, a mother for her child, a friend for a friend, a human being for God and for nature. Love is here, there and everywhere.

Heat flames through the picture, but heart and mind are calmed. You will understand, my friend, how much this painting can feed your soul. You cannot deny its magical attraction, it is an immense treasure just waiting to be unearthed.

A picture that tells stories, awakens love and bundles memories. A picture that contains surprises, a symphony of colours, emotions and movement. A picture that touches your heart and is eagerly waiting to speak to you.



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Desk Mats