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Tangible love: a monument to emotion in acrylic – satin and archival matte posters square

About the artwork and this product

While I guide you through my painting, close your eyes and feel the love that permeates it. You stand amidst an embrace so tight that you can feel every breath of the two lovers. With each touch of acrylic paint on the canvas, I breathed life into them, making their emotions tangible and their intimacy almost palpable.

The world around them is soft and indeterminate, held in radiant white that is tenderly touched by golden hues. White and golden tones express the joy, purity, and preciousness of love.

Although this painting is modern, the figures are portrayed in a very traditional manner, realistic, close, almost as if you could touch them. This contrast brings an elusive depth to the scene – the intertwining of past and present, tradition and modernity, and the infinite complexity of love that encompasses all of this.

Discover the layers of the relationship hidden within abstract elements in this painting. Do you see how love is a journey through uncharted territories, always searching but rooted in the safety of the other? That is what I wanted to capture with my brushstrokes – the essence of love that is simultaneously simple and complex, timeless and everlasting.

Allow yourself to immerse in this painting and feel it resonate within you. Love is universal, it speaks to us all. It is the bond that unites us, the force that propels us forward, the joy that illuminates our hearts. And that is exactly what I wanted to give you with this painting.

It takes courage to embrace the universal wisdom of love, and I support you in doing so. The warmth you feel, the joy that flows through you, the strength you absorb within yourself – I have painted all of that into this painting, just for you.

My heart created this painting, and it belongs to you. Take it in and let it become part of you. Ines’s life will become a masterpiece.

Bring your artwork to life in high-end detail and treat your customers to quality poster prints they’ll love. Available in 210gsm paper (satin) and 230gsm (archival matte), these prints will look stunning up close for a long time. To help you find the perfect fit for your art, these posters come in 18 sizes, as well as with horizontal, vertical, and square framing options.
.: Materials: 210 gsm paper (satin), 230 gsm paper (archival matte)
.: Two paper options – satin or archival matte
.: Available in 18 sizes
.: Horizontal, vertical and square options available
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts