Silent whisper of the soul: dialogue in sea blue

On April 19, 2024

Silent whisper of the soul: dialogue in sea blue

Silent whisper of the soul: dialogue in sea blue

Immerse yourself in the mysterious depths of this image. Two women, equally embodying unyielding strength and vulnerable tenderness, express silence in loud language. Clad in kimonos of the deepest ocean blue, they form a bold contrast to the dark and grey color palette that dominates the background.

The enchanting blue of their cloaks is a storm in the silence, a daring flirtation with aesthetics, a scream in the darkness. They are not merely hooded capes, but rather an embodiment of the mysterious, the unseen, the unknown. Their garments are not mere clothing, but rather powerful symbols of their individuality and creative articulation, a strange blend of self-expression and self-concealment.

The features of one woman are clear and distinct, a delicate portrait of youth captured in the eternal art of my touch. She could be a fashionable queen or the girl next door, balancing strength and vulnerability behind the same mask. The other woman remains in the shadows, hidden, but her presence is undeniable and fills the canvas with a silent whisper of power and authority.

In the background, the word “AUMMOR” whispers, a veiled message or a silent sigh from the canvas itself, a secret waiting to be discovered. It could be a signature or a hidden message, an element that adds even more depth and context to this image. In this image, there is so much more than just colors and shapes. It is rather a dialogue, an intense conversation about the essence of love and human existence. Love, in its endless facets, takes shape here – it is about love between two people, about universal love for humanity, about compassion. And also about love for the divine and nature. It is my loving homage to all the love that holds this world together, which is the central theme of this image.

Do you want to see more of this world, feel it, look at it with your heart? Listen to its whispers. Feel its warmth. And perhaps, perhaps you want to take this image home with you, to continue the conversation, to unfold its secret messages. It calls out to you like the call of the heart that you cannot ignore.


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