Symphony of maternal bonding: A colour explosion of love

Let me take you into a world in which love and community are the supporting pillars. A universe in which the abundance of nature and humanity unite in a harmonious symphony. My canvas weaving, suffused with a deep black and luminous orange look, tells this enchanting, fairytale-like story.

Look at the three souls who persevere amidst this flurry of creation. You may recognise a mother and her two daughters, whom I have created with dedication and gentle brushwork. The woman’s closed eyes speak of an inner peace, a calm that only comes from the deepest trust.

And then there are the two young beings, one perhaps only 8 summers old, the other close to the threshold of the adult world. They are strikingly similar, and not just on the outside. They are bound together by a bond that is stronger than time and space: love.

This human unity is inscribed in a colourful sea of flowers, embedded in a contrasting blue background. Each flower, recognisable in its attention to detail, confronts the darkness and bears witness to strength and fertility.

My painting combines aspects of modern art with its bold colours and abstract elements. But these are just brushstrokes on a fabric – it is the emotions and the story they form that give them life.

Can you feel the pulsating energy emanating from this painting? It is an invitation to you to open yourself up to love, to live it and share it. Accept it – and let it fill your heart.


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Poster and Wall deco