Hey, hey,


Are you someone who looks to the future with a positive outlook, always striving to make the world a little more beautiful? Do you see spirituality as an important part of your being? Then we have more in common than you think.

My name is Tamme. I see myself as an artist who works at the interface between vision and reality. My words and pictures are a reflection of what I feel and how I see the world: positive, colorful, and profound. In my words and pictures you will find no conventional beauty or familiar scenes. Instead, I invite you to explore something deeper – a connection between you and the world, between your true self and your daily experiences.

These connections can be subtle or intense, fleeting or lasting. They are always present, waiting to be discovered by you if you are open to them. I hope my words and images inspire you to be more mindful of the world around you, to appreciate the small but meaningful moments in life and encourage you to explore your own spiritual path.

Let’s go on this wonderful journey of life together and share all these unique moments. I look forward to walking a part of this path with you.

Love, peace, and happiness,
Your tamme