The colours of affection: A mosaic of feelings

Feel it, do you see it? In the center of your field of vision, you encounter this pulsating red heart. Like a beacon, it shimmers on this mosaic, which in its simplicity seems to capture the complexity of existence. It seems to whisper to us: love is everywhere, love is in everything – it is not just a part of us, but it is the center, the heart, if I may say so, of our being.

In every tiny piece that makes up this image, you have the fullness of every moment filled with love, and every moment that yearns for it. The colors speak of the multi-faceted nature of love. The warm, earthy brown symbolizes the groundedness and security that love gives us towards our fellow human beings, nature, and creation. The neutral gray reminds us that when everything else seems to slip away from us, love is the solid foundation on which we can always rely.

And then, this red heartbeat! A call to the roots of life, a bold declaration of love to the world. Here is the love that we give and receive, the driving force of the universe itself.

This image, my dear friend, expresses all of this. It is more than just art – it is an echo of my message to the world, a piece of my heart that I share with you. I invite you to let this message resonate in your space, your life. Make it a part of your daily landscape, let it enrich your everyday with its power and love.

Recognize your heart, live your love. That is what I offer you. Don’t just consider this image – let it be a part of your journey.


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Poster and Wall deco